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Differences In Conventional Education System And Online Education System

Learning abilities differ from man to man. If this can be true then why can’t there remain variation in the system of imparting education itself? Isn’t it also obvious?

In the ancient times the process of educating people depended on a school where the single teacher/master gave lessons to the pupils on different subjects. Then gradually with the progress of the civilizations schools began to form with proper administrative systems where subjects were categorized and teachers were recruited accordingly. In this system of education a specific pattern of teaching began to be conventionalized. The process of evaluation after successful completion of the course was done through an examination system. For ages this has remained the dominant way of spreading education where the construct of the school or the institute is very specific. But with time things change as well as the concepts.

The latest trend in the education system is online education where the students can enjoy utmost freedom in the process of learning. You can remain engaged in all other works including the course you want to pursue. This is the major difference between the online education and conventional education systems.

It would be better to state that the whole conception of online education holds a difference in the core that separates it from conventional education. You won’t have concrete classrooms in online education where you can find a bunch of students attending lectures of their respective teachers. But you will get online classrooms where there may be one-to-one communication between the instructor and the student. There can be also a group of students interacting at the same time but it is a virtual setup.

Both the systems of education do have some better things to give and also some unwanted things in store. As online education bothers about your personal convenience and comfort but it cannot provide you the lively feeling of a campus. You will miss the hues and cries of campus life and lack the socializing part among the friends circle that is an integral part of traditional system of education.

In the similar way you cannot exercise your own choices in the way you want to undertake learning process in the conventional schooling structure. But online education gives you every privilege to follow so. As for the degrees you get through conventional and online education systems, it is still the conventional mode that is widely recognized. But days are not far when online degrees will take the lead.