Factors That Can Make Engineering Education Better

Now a days people are questioning the ubiquitous engineering colleges of India. What is the reason behind it? With the increase in quantity is quality being compromised? A Survey has said that only 25% of the total engineers are fit to be employed in India. What about the rest of the 75%? Are they having a bright future? There are various reasons spotted for the declination of the course, they can only help in the upliftment of the present condition, which are listed below

Engineering Colleges

As far as government engineering colleges are known, they provide high placement rates to the students with good services for their overall personality development. May be the hostel facilities are not as good as they should have been but other things like placements, extra curricular activities, academics compensate that.

On the other hand if we talk about private engineering colleges the best part about them are good hostel facilities. In most of the cases it is seen that food served is good in the hostel but other important factors like placements and academics are nil. The main reason behind poor academics and extra curricular activities is that the colleges are being constructed just to earn profit. Uneducated businessmen tend to open big colleges with zero information about how to make bright futures. Few colleges only emphasize on attending classes while there are few who dont even bother to keep a check on that.

It is one of the most imperative factors responsible for the deteriorating situation of the engineering education. The labs are ill-kept. Equipments present in the laboratories are as old as hills. With the advancement of time and technology, our engineering colleges are still stuck in an era where mankind was new to tools and machinery.


Who gave licence to all illegitimate engineering colleges? Well, we all know the answer. Government is playing a big role in the weakening of the engineering education. Why on earth government officials are issuing licences to these engineering colleges which are unable to proffer not only good placements but also inadequate education. What is the basis of issuing the licence? Is it transparent?

There are many colleges which are not only facing shortage of faculty but also students. They are nothing but destroying the future of students. In the name of company which they call, either are frauds or pay meagre salary of 8,000/- to 10,000 per month to an engineering graduate.

To keep aside this issue, there is one more thing which government is not looking into i.e. the syllabus of the various universities and colleges. Again the very same thing has to be stated. When technology is advancing everyday, why our engineering students are studying and working upon which is all obsolete. The approach being used in building up the syllabus should be changed if one needs to improve the present scenario of engineering education.

In the cities like Bangalore and Ghaziabad the lanes are fraught with engineering students. According to one of view point, students themselves are responsible for the downfall. If a student knows that condition around him is not as good as expected, then he can simply start improvising himself because in the end his future is at stake. There is an old saying which states that if there is will there is way. When a boy or a girl comes to a college after passing their matriculation they tend to enjoy their freedom than doing what they actually came for. They forget the purpose and when the purpose is lost, things become ugly.

There is a possibility that college is not god, proper facilities are not provided but all this seems to be an excuse in an era where one is having internet with them. If someone has the zeal to learn things they will. Nothing can stop them from doing it. On the other hand if one has the motive to enjoy their college lives to fullest, God cant even helped them.

Above mentioned factors are responsible for the present condition of the engineering education. Things can be improved if everyone takes their jobs more responsibly. Be it government or the students, blaming each other wont do any good. Thus, it is better that each one take their roles sincerely make this system better and produce some of the finest engineers of the country.