Expanding education- Technology to review education

Dear readers, this is not my regular work of technology or tech news review. Consider it a highly imagined piece where realistic assumptions are made with collective goodwill to expand the education base. What and how are decided once we are willing to understand the power that digital world gives us in improving life in large scale and have that illusive peaceful sleep. Technology no doubt is going through too many disruptions where there is innovation and mainly more so in the internet world but there is more scope.

First the opportunities. With Skype being downloaded wholesale it is already time for this app to work to deliver online classes. Even in some parts there are classes where international professionals are taking voluntary classes for economically backward masses. The main communication system here is definitely vernacular so that you do not need to teach them anything added for language in priority. Language can move forward with other subjects simultaneously. Once this is implemented it is better as the students will learn more practical oriented education rather than the conventional knowledge and attention challenging theories from these professionals. A very significant role is played by games if they are designed properly in online education.

Why games? This is a sort of entertainment and children will be more attentive to them. So even complex ideas can be easily executed and delivered once you have their full attention. Similarly to test their level of education it is better to use games as there also they will welcome the challenges of the games more than the conventional tests. This way there can be smooth early education for children and then comes the part of monitoring and designing fitting course curriculum. There lie our toughest challenges.

To monitor very individual and find their suitable vocations will need keen evaluation of their progress and at no point we can abandon those students. It is better to remember that most of these students are first generation of learners and they will have difficulty to grasp the education process. So we will have to suite the education to their liking. It is not that tough. We need to keep analysing our every move and monitor their effects.

If the prospects are understood more companies will come up with newer apps for these purposes, they will definitely do once they understand the enormity of their work. What will it give? Reduce education costs and the subsidies used in it. This is where you can save lot of money for other developmental work. This free money can even be used for building infrastructure of education these students will need and spread the process of education worldwide.

There will be difficulties. As the complexity of subjects increase more students will try the escape route. They will desert midway. It is for us to make them understand the impact difference of education can have in their life. Once we can do that we can move to keep them for longer time. Still some will desert. This is natural even in schools and there will come another technology to disturb our status quo of education completely. Till then we can work on our existing ideas.