Develop Child’s Intelligence

Mothers would want the junior to grow smartly. No wonder if Mother did various ways to realize that dream. However, was it exactly the way Mother has been in making the junior intelligent?

Mother must know that intelligence is not just about academic. There is another intelligence that Mother can develop on the junior. Let’s know more.

According to Howard Hardner, the intelligence does not cover only one dimension. There is an intelligence that encompasses many aspects of everyday life called multiple intelligence or multiple intelligences. Among musical intelligence, naturalist, linguistic, interpersonal, visual spatial, mathematical logic, intrapersonal, kinestetik, until moral intelligence.

After knowing the 9 types of intelligence, it is time for Mother to make the right approach in making the child intelligent. One of them by providing stimulation. Why give stimulation to develop the junior intelligence?

In fact, the first 1,000 days of junior life begin from the time of the womb is a critical period of growth and brain development. About 80% of brain development occurs in the gold period. Then the Mother must provide stimulation appropriately. Because, this golden period only happens once a lifetime of the junior.

In order to meet these needs, Morinaga helped Mother to optimize the intelligence of children, namely by providing the right stimulation. Morinaga Brand Manager GUM Junita said Morinaga has one tool called Multiple Intelligence Play Plan (MIP Plan) which can be accessed at

“In the tools there are several stages that can be a guide to educate the Little One, we invite parents to know or observe the intelligence of children, both of us aids stimulation by providing many ideas to play.Finally, we invite parents to observe again. Is the intelligence of the Little changed or not, so know the result, “said Junita when met at the Happy Mother Festival event held at Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta on Friday (13/10/2017).

Remember, Mother must perform the process consistently. So do habituation or repetition slowly yes. That way, the Mother will form a good habit for the Little so that his intelligence to be optimal.

“According to our consultant from ESSA Consulting and Bunda Romi, to stimulate the child to be consistent every day, do not stimulate the aforementioned Many Mothers still make academic, like mathematics as a benchmark, whereas there are other intelligences “Academics are important, but other skills are not less important,” he continued.

Junita revealed Mother can do habituation on Little with program # 30 DayMain, that is by inviting Little Play to play every day. It takes 30 days due to the shortness of the Little Person so it takes longer time in the learning process.

“The child is part of the time filled with play, so that stimulation can be given while playing because it is more relaxed, the child is also easy to absorb something.So not feel like learning, the approach is also more relevant One day we recommend giving one stimulation only because the child has not been able to absorb a lot of information like adults, “he continued.

There are many benefits to play, such as being able to stimulate multiple intelligences, to exercise physical ability and to think, to understand and to obey the rules, to enhance the closeness of the relationship between Little and Parents, and to learn to socialize and to cooperate with others.

“Our mission is to educate Indonesian children by preparing their nutrition and stimulation, to create a multitalented platinum generation, so we help with this MIP Plan, for example with the agenda of the play From Monday to Friday, the working Mother can stimulate Little Person through various games Prepare the game taken from the MIP Plan, for example from the printed game, after that stay dititipkan to people at home, “he explained.

There are many game ideas that can sharpen multiple intelligence on Little On MIP Plan through the Morinaga # 30 DayMain program. For example the alphabet tree to hone the linguistic and naturalist intelligence to the game of color monster monster to hone the intelligence of mathematical logic. Yuk Bun, find out more games at # 30 DayMain with Morinaga here.

“We also continue to socialize this program to the Mother at every opportunity, one of them at the Happy Mother Festival made by is here, we provide booth and team to invite mother to know the first intelligence of Little, continue to equally we stimulation with routine, then know the result of his, “he added.

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