Canadian Education Promotion for Indonesian Students, Via EduCanada Fair

On October 8, 2017 the Canadian Embassy in Indonesia held an educational exhibition in Jakarta. The event promotes a number of renowned educational institutions and campus Maple to prospective students who want to study in the country with the capital city of Ottawa.

The event was opened by Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia Peter MacArthur and attended by Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Yohana Yambise.

“EduCanada fair is attended by Indonesian students who want to study in Canada, we do it twice a year, in two places, Jakarta and Surabaya,” explained Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia Peter MacArthur when interviewed at EduCanada Jakarta on Sunday (8/10/2017).

“In Surabaya, held yesterday, visitors reached 600. In Jakarta, today we expect a thousand people to attend.” he explained.

Yohanna Yambise attended the event in her capacity as one of the alumni from Simon Fraser University. He completed his Master’s degree program at the Department of Education on campus in 1994.

“Education in Canada provides me with a lot of experience not only for my life but also for my career,” explained Yohana.

The woman born in Manokwari, Papua also explained how she learned much about inclusivity during her education in Canada. He also feels comfortable studying in a popular country will maple leaf it.

Initiated by the Canadian government, EduCanada provides prospective students from Indonesia to meet representatives from 35 Canadian educational institutions as well as attend a thorough presentation on learning there.

2 Advantages of studying in Canada

Achieving higher education abroad is now one of the targets to be achieved on the list of most Indonesian students’ wishes. Not a few students who are ambitious homeland to gain knowledge from world renowned campus.

Referring to the 2016 – 2017 World University Rankings page, about 50 of the world ‘s top campuses are spread across the Americas and Europe.

The United States dominates as home to a number of elite campuses, such as The Ivy League clusters – Princeton, Harvard, Cornell, etc. – to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In England, there is the legendary Oxford University.

Thousands of students of Equatorial Emerald Affairs were racing after the chair at the university.

However, when most of the nation’s sons and daughters concentrated on the United States and Britain, there was a country – with maple leaf symbols on its flag – which also offered higher education that was not less elite with the above campuses.

“Even your minister is an alumni of one of our top campuses,” explains Canadian Ambassador to Indonesia Peter MacArthur, during a special interview with, Tuesday, September 26, 2017.

For the ambitious Indonesian students studying in Canada, there is McGill University, the University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia, who sit in the top 50 ranking of World Rankings University.

There is also Simon Fraser University, where Minister Yohana lectures.

And, Maple Country with open arms is welcoming the prospective students from the country.

“We are investing heavily in the education sector and we encourage and welcome Indonesians to study there,” MacArthur explained.

The diplomat explained, in mid-2017, the application of student permit Indonesia rose 25 percent compared with the previous year. It marked the increasing attractiveness of Canada for prospective students from the country.

And, to further enhance the interest of students of Equatorial Zamrud to study in Maple Country, the Canadian Embassy routinely conducts Canada Education Day in Jakarta.

“We conduct the activity every two years, and it will be held in October 2017. The goal is to promote Canadian higher education for Indonesians,” MacArthur explained.

In addition, MacArthur also describes two benefits that foreign students can gain, including from Indonesia, who is studying in Canada.

“If you are a foreign graduate student studying in Canada, we are opening opportunities for you to be able to work there, foreign students can work half full to full time,” he said.

Under Canadian provisions, graduate students who are still studying, are allowed to work part-time (up to 20 hours during academic calendar) and full time (during academic holidays). Meanwhile, for those who have completed their studies, graduates are also allowed to work and stay in Canada for up to three years.

And all that, can be done simply by using a student visa and without having to take care of the employment visa.

“The opportunity can be a place to gain experience for graduate students studying in Canada,” MacArthur said.

“I do not guarantee the warm weather, because it’s very cold there,” he joked. “But clearly, education (high) in Canada is remarkable.”

Develop Child’s Intelligence

Mothers would want the junior to grow smartly. No wonder if Mother did various ways to realize that dream. However, was it exactly the way Mother has been in making the junior intelligent?

Mother must know that intelligence is not just about academic. There is another intelligence that Mother can develop on the junior. Let’s know more.

According to Howard Hardner, the intelligence does not cover only one dimension. There is an intelligence that encompasses many aspects of everyday life called multiple intelligence or multiple intelligences. Among musical intelligence, naturalist, linguistic, interpersonal, visual spatial, mathematical logic, intrapersonal, kinestetik, until moral intelligence.

After knowing the 9 types of intelligence, it is time for Mother to make the right approach in making the child intelligent. One of them by providing stimulation. Why give stimulation to develop the junior intelligence?

In fact, the first 1,000 days of junior life begin from the time of the womb is a critical period of growth and brain development. About 80% of brain development occurs in the gold period. Then the Mother must provide stimulation appropriately. Because, this golden period only happens once a lifetime of the junior.

In order to meet these needs, Morinaga helped Mother to optimize the intelligence of children, namely by providing the right stimulation. Morinaga Brand Manager GUM Junita said Morinaga has one tool called Multiple Intelligence Play Plan (MIP Plan) which can be accessed at

“In the tools there are several stages that can be a guide to educate the Little One, we invite parents to know or observe the intelligence of children, both of us aids stimulation by providing many ideas to play.Finally, we invite parents to observe again. Is the intelligence of the Little changed or not, so know the result, “said Junita when met at the Happy Mother Festival event held at Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta on Friday (13/10/2017).

Remember, Mother must perform the process consistently. So do habituation or repetition slowly yes. That way, the Mother will form a good habit for the Little so that his intelligence to be optimal.

“According to our consultant from ESSA Consulting and Bunda Romi, to stimulate the child to be consistent every day, do not stimulate the aforementioned Many Mothers still make academic, like mathematics as a benchmark, whereas there are other intelligences “Academics are important, but other skills are not less important,” he continued.

Junita revealed Mother can do habituation on Little with program # 30 DayMain, that is by inviting Little Play to play every day. It takes 30 days due to the shortness of the Little Person so it takes longer time in the learning process.

“The child is part of the time filled with play, so that stimulation can be given while playing because it is more relaxed, the child is also easy to absorb something.So not feel like learning, the approach is also more relevant One day we recommend giving one stimulation only because the child has not been able to absorb a lot of information like adults, “he continued.

There are many benefits to play, such as being able to stimulate multiple intelligences, to exercise physical ability and to think, to understand and to obey the rules, to enhance the closeness of the relationship between Little and Parents, and to learn to socialize and to cooperate with others.

“Our mission is to educate Indonesian children by preparing their nutrition and stimulation, to create a multitalented platinum generation, so we help with this MIP Plan, for example with the agenda of the play From Monday to Friday, the working Mother can stimulate Little Person through various games Prepare the game taken from the MIP Plan, for example from the printed game, after that stay dititipkan to people at home, “he explained.

There are many game ideas that can sharpen multiple intelligence on Little On MIP Plan through the Morinaga # 30 DayMain program. For example the alphabet tree to hone the linguistic and naturalist intelligence to the game of color monster monster to hone the intelligence of mathematical logic. Yuk Bun, find out more games at # 30 DayMain with Morinaga here.

“We also continue to socialize this program to the Mother at every opportunity, one of them at the Happy Mother Festival made by is here, we provide booth and team to invite mother to know the first intelligence of Little, continue to equally we stimulation with routine, then know the result of his, “he added.

A Brief Overview on Online Education

I am sure there are some people reading this that know exactly what I am saying when they feel as though they have been in a dead end job for a long time and want to change their future. Obviously, you know you can. More and more people all over the world are getting an online education to improve their future. They go to work or do their tasks during the day and get a good online education at night or in their spare time. Some types of online education is free, such as some communities offer websites where you can get your GED through their services free of charge by using their online education software. Putting it plainly, in most cases, you just sign up.

Now when it comes to actual diplomas, or degrees to better your future, an online education will probably cost you but depending on what it is you are learning will be how costly the online education should be. Those who choose to go after some type of online education after finishing their courses and get their certificates, diploma, or some type of degree, then they often times can take it to an employer or company in the world, and begin to make a better income.

This is the reason most people sign up for online educations in the first place, is to better their futures, and make more money than at their present or previous job. And you can’t blame people for wanting to make things better for themselves now can you.

Getting an online education simply starts with a search, of what you really want to do with the rest of your life, and there are many web sites available and willing to assist you in doing just that. These web sites can tell you how long the course will take, fees, information on materials or software that might be needed, as well as other things. Some people just don’t have time to “go back to college” but with the use of technology and through the Internet people are capable of getting an online education therefore bettering there situation and their future circumstances financially.

There are so many web sites and search results to choose from all you really need to do is search for the one that you like the best and the one that you can accord, sometimes you can even apply for some kind of financial aid, even with an online education; it solely depends on who you are going through.

When you finish your online education you also feel a sense of accomplishment and the optimism of furthering your career and your future. There is nothing in the world wrong with making more money and if you get an online education you are more apt to succeed in this area. If you are required to pay a portion of the online education, there are also situations where you are allowed to pay back so much a month. You don’t necessarily have to pay the entire amount back at one time.

The Principles Of Investing Education

Defining Investing Education

Principled investing is a misnomer these days. As facts say, most investors today wish that they want to learn more about investing. Therefore, common financial literacy is not so common after all. The need for people to be educated in a dynamic system should be taken into account. Thankfully more and more people are finding online education advantageous in improving their investing education.

Investing education is an abstract idea for most people. This is because that they value investment as a way to save money with the expectation that their finances should advance. Yet what they don’t see is that there are methods where investing can become an instinctive exercise to achieve financial freedom. This entails developing the perspective to find investing opportunities where most people find nothing. A quick refresher on investing education will teach students to change the way they look at different investment opportunities, risks, and rewards.

Investing education is also important in having a better read of today’s financial situation. As an analogy, anyone can enjoy a delicious cheese cake. But only informed people can dissect what is the real value of the cheesecake according to its taste and other characteristics that the uninformed eye cannot see. Therefore this education is a form of shaping and training that makes a student notice what he does not see in his first look.

Importance of Online Education

Online learning is in the center of the purposeful information marketplace today. Students of distance learning are seen to be highly motivated individuals who are able to adjust to the dynamics of different training materials and mediums that will allow them have a unique view of what education and training is all about. This dwells more on the practical and quantitative goals. This is evident in continuing internet based learning where the student is updated with the latest trends according to his field.

With the latest trends brought by the internet, online investing education is a practical side track to one’s personal development. Just imagine any full-time worker seeking to increase his finances to ultimate financial freedom. While he is severely tied to his career, he can scotch over some time to invest in his personal training. Web based learning then becomes an efficient method to acquire such knowledge because of its flexible and mobile advantages. Time saving and personal management is in itself a practical application of the objectives of online education and 21st century education.

Mindset Development through Investment Education

A positive impact that is not readily observable is the relationship of investing education and developing a millionaire’s mindset. Smart investors are able to find ways to generate income without much work. The thought that runs through a millionaire’s head invokes an encouraging level of attraction that will allow money to come to an individual. Investments should not be a methodical tool but a rational decision led by an instinctive millionaire’s mindset.

Everyone can become a smart investor through constant investing education. As you will learn smart investors completely do the opposite things and would rather be out leading. Leaders in the investment game are usually the risk takes that leave the average investor guessing. Planning ahead and thinking three steps ahead is one of the leading principles of investor education.

Investing education through online learning will teach you not only the methods of becoming a smart investor, but the mindset shift that will give you the instinct to be a smart investor and a wealth creator. The bottom of it all is that it should not be about the rules of the game. Instead, smart investors look at these rules smile at it and go the other direction; such a nugget of knowledge from 21st century educators.

Education at Its Best in Borivali

Borivali is a place in Mumbai said to be the suburban area located in the north – west of the city. Borivali consists of many high quality schools that are affiliated to different boards like CBSE, ICSE or the state boards. Some schools in Borivali are also affiliated to the international educational boards. The place has higher literacy rate as compared to the other places of that area.

There are number of schools in Borivali that are 100% reliable in terms of education and all round development of a student. Some of such international schools are JBCN International School, Ajmera Global High School, Dr Pillai Global Academy and so on. JBCN International School located at Baburao Ranade Marg is a co educational English medium school affiliated to the IGCSE board. The school believes in creating leaders for tomorrow who strives for academic excellence. Education is imparted through edu creative experiences to the students. The faculty is considered as the backbone of the school. The student teacher ratio is 15: 1 .

Ajmera Global High School located on Ekshar Road is a co educational English medium school from class nursery to class 12th. The school has been awarded International Centre Status by university of Cambridge International Examination (CIE). The school aim is to give quality education to all student and develop them as a sound personality.The campus of the school is well equipped with the high class infrastructure like spacious, ventilated classrooms, Reference Libraries, Computer lab, Chemistry, Biology and Physics laboratories, Multi-purpose hall, Media Center, Cafeteria, School Bus service, Sick bay/medical room, Swimming pool, Skating rink, Open atrium, Athletic running track, Sports ground, Well equipped music and yoga room. The extracurricular activities that are available in the schools are Swimming, Skating, Dance, Karate, Gymnastics, Athletic running, Cricket, football and tennis, Music and yoga.

Apart from international schools, the place Borivali west is also known for their CBSE and ICSE schools. Some of the best CBSE and ICSE schools in the area are Cambridge School, St Rock’s school, BES International School, Matushri Kashiben Vrajlal Valia International Vidyalaya, Sailee International School, Ryan Christian School etc.Matushri Kashiben Vrajlal Valia International Vidyalaya is one of the leading school in Borivali west, it comes under the control of CBSE board. It is a co educational English medium school which serves education up to class 12th. The students of the schools get to participate in many activities that could be related to academics or even sports and music. Students are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Students of the school develop confidence towards themselves and commitment towards their work.

Sailee International School is an ICSE affiliated school. The school is co educational and provides education in the English language. The school is located at Gorai Road and it educates children till class 10th. The school is very famous in the area for the facilities it give to the students. The aim of the school is to groom up the complete personality of a student.All the schools at Borivali are focused in meeting up the parents expectations. They stand by their words and promises made. Therefore choice of school can be made as per the desired location. is an educational website for admission in various schools across the India. Here you will find the list of Top ranking CBSE, ICSE, IGCSC, IB, Boarding, International and Play Schools in India category and city wise. Explore World Schools in Mumbai and Play Schools in Mumbai or Boarding Schools in Mumbai and much more.

Acquire The Property Investing Education Easily

In the recent years, the property investment education plays a crucial role to get the reliable information before investing in the property. There are education companies that offer property coach and property investing education. Of course, nowadays many people rushing to attend this coaching that helps greatly on how to invest in the property. Investing in property is right for everyone who has enough property education and knowledge. Investing a property is the game of high rewards and high risks. Hence, it is necessary to get some advice from a property coach before purchasing it. Acquiring the property education is the valuable thing before approaching any actual property. Without any proper guidance, investing in property may take more time to make a profit. By getting property education and guidance, the things will happen very quickly.

The property education helps to explore the vast knowledge about investing a property prior making the initial investment, which can increase the greater chances of success. There are tons of books available to educate about investing a property. The books help to acquire the factual information based on the authors experiences. A property coach can help or guide the new investor into profitable one within the matter of months.

Talk to other investors:

It is important to talk with the other investors to enrich the understanding. Approach the investors who have failed and succeeded in the investments. It is good to get the property education by discussing with the other investors include:


New investors

People who are renting the home

Who have the investment partners

Who choose gut rehabs

Who flip houses

Who own property

Who buys the turn key properties

Save money:

The tools and strategies help to gain a good property investing education, which has the capability to save the money. It decreases the chances of mistake while buying property and helps to avoid greater loss. It is pretty logical to have such educational knowledge before investing heavily in the property. There are so many creative ways and methods to make the investment effective and efficient. Investing in the residential areas is better investment option.

The property coach:

A coach can perform a variety of tasks to assist to make investment more profitable and easier. The property coach can easily estimate the property value, the cost of repairing the damage and can estimate the property profit. This will provide a better idea to any investor of what they can invest in property and how to make a profit out of it. A good coach will research the local market conditions thoroughly and give suggestions to market the investing in property. They can often keep the new investor from making the costly mistake by spending much on property and buying wrong property. It also helps to save money and time effectively. A coach can also help you in negotiating the deals and doing paperwork towards the deal. This will save the valuable money, time and reduces the investor work.

Best Education Offered By The Christian Colleges

There is a unique opportunity to get academic education which is offered by the Christian colleges. If a student wants to balance their job, church life and a career also, if the student wants to enhance his or her credentials and knowledge of the bible and Christian theology, the Christian college learning programs offer an ideal solution.

Christian college offer service projects, and provide student with the best top notch education. Due to the moderate environment and the small classes the students become acquainted to each other and have a close and lasting relation with their instructor and fellow classmates. The education offered is up to date as a secular school.

They undertake lots of social activities like tutoring, volunteering at the homeless shelter, sports outreach, and interaction with the elderly. These activities open up the students mind towards their social responsibilities and help them to grow into socially conscious individuals.

The  Christian colleges  are accredited, not all but some of them. They offer programs for earning Diplomas and certificates such as Associate of Art (AA), Associate of Science (AS), Bachelor of Art (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS). They also include art and design, communications, biology, business, chemistry, information system, Ministry leadership, nursing, social work and more.

The Christian college provides the students with the opportunity to meet people across the continents. They form independent groups like sports, drama, singing etc and travel to different countries to raise funds to help the needy, utilizing the talent of the student and giving them the opportunity to meet people all over the world and helping them. This activity not only develops the student’s personal skills but also empowers the student with knowledge of understanding the humanity as a whole. It also helps the students in the future careers and gives them a direction in life.

The students who get trained in Christian colleges find themselves prepared to face the critical issues of life with a greater sense of purpose and direction. They find the faith and confidence and are motivated to face any challenge with courage and determination. It offers the student the answer to their beliefs and help offer a different point of view with the knowledge and understanding.

How To Start An Adult Turnkey Business – An Educational Guide To Money Making Opportunities

Start An Adult Turnkey Business with our Educational Business Guide. 11 Steps to Turnkey Business Profits.

1. Choose niche market. You need to be very careful with choosing your niche market. Most people want to choose a very common market such as the typical blonde haired blue-eyed girl but this does not make any money in today’s Turnkey Adult Business. You need to choose a niche market such as midgets or gay bondage. Something Different.

2. Choose domain. Choose your domain one of two ways or for the best of both worlds go for both branding and seo’d domains. Branding is great for getting people to remember the name of the business but seo marketing domains are well positioned by the search engines. My rule of thumb is to have at least one targeted keyword in your domain name.

3. Research content companies to see the quality of content and payout to you. Most people just look at payout over niche content and the quality of such. When a Turnkey Adult Content Company offers you 80% or so of each sign up by using their content it sounds terrific but one must be careful. This 80% might mean you never get a sign up because the design of the turnkey adult website or the content is horrible. So the basic point is that 80% of 0 = 0. I will take 50% in a heartbeat for a turnkey website with good quality HD content that has a professional design to it. Don’t fall for high percentage because many times you are being set up. 50% of niche market with HD quality content might bring in 5 sign ups a day whereas the 80% payout content company may not get you a single sign up. Plus you have to look at recurring billing. The 50% content company may keep the customer on the adult turnkey site for many months. The revenue adds up. The 80% might not get a sole to stay past the first month. Also ask yourself the question would I join the site? If you would not join why would anyone else?

4. Do your homework on the turnkey adult design business you may want to work with. Check, ripoffreport or complaintsboard. You can also type in the name of the owner on Google. You can type in the company name and then type scam or complaints at the end for example: ABC Design Scam. Be careful with BBB reports for it is simple to make it appear you have no complaints when your company is actually being sued by everyone and their sister. When there is an active lawsuit against a company the BBB might have them in good standing because the lawsuit is not counted against the company by the BBB. Look for quality sites that you would join yourself. If you would not join the site you are purchasing why would anyone? Price should be low but not ridiculously low such as $70 per month for 26 sites. In this type of situation you are getting what you pay for. Again if you would not join why would anyone else?

5. Hire a Turnkey Adult Business who attempts to educate you on the industry. Remember #4 on this list and type in all of the turnkey adult design companies and owners names. Please note: some owners hide their names or utilize a different name to fool you and also to attempt to fool some watchdog agencies especially the BBB.

6. Hosting is a big issue people forget about. Hosting can be very expensive if you listen to many of the owners of turnkey adult design companies. Shouldn’t hosting be FREE in at least your 1st year or damn close to it? You should not have to worry about hosting until your second year in the turnkey adult business. Some charge $50 – $150 a month from the onset of your adult turnkey business. This is absurd to say the least.

7. Billing can also be very expensive but in the Turnkey Adult Business market you usually do not have to pay anything. For example in many agreements with content companies, the content companies themselves take care of all billing charges. This saves you thousands of dollars and a great deal of headaches.

8. Now you have to Seo or Search Engine Optimization the adult turnkey site for the search engines. I usually map out my site by the titles I want to use for each page of the site. Once I do this I then name the pages appropriately to what I want people to type in to find the pages. Page names should be relevant to the niche your site is in. For example: Blondeshairedblueeyedgirls/tour1 should be renamed Blondehairedblueeyedgirls/niche-website-adult-business. If you are targeting niche website adult business. For some reason many people do not take advantage of this. We do not know why. Index1, Index2 is doing you no good unless you want your site popular for the word index.

9. Page text. The easiest way to write page text is just that, to write it. Don’t worry about using your targeted keywords just yet, just write. Write at least 500 words per page. This is where many web designers go down the wrong road. You see, they load up on graphics to make the site look all pretty but it backfires on them because the search engines will hate it. Graphics are great when they are on the page with at least 500 words targeting the main targeted keywords for that page. This is very simple but you need to take the time to perform this. Some people seem to think this is not important; we have no clue why.

10. Meta Tags – Title, Description, Keyword, Header, Alt, anchor. Out of all of these anchors, titles and headers are most important in my opinion. This is a whole separate article and for a full explanation of all I would have to write about 10 pages of text. I would send you over to searchengineguide or searchenginewatch. Full disclosure I have no relationship with these companies other than that I read what they write. They are very knowledgeable people.

11. Links. Between titles, headers and links you have covered most of optimization of your turnkey adult site. Links are basically people placing a button, banner or text on their site that brings the customer to you when they click on it. How do you get people to link to you? Good question. You can contact people in the same niche and request they link to you and you in turn will link to them. You can also submit your site to all of the adult search engines, directories and niche specific top lists. Start blogs regarding your niche market and write articles once you become an expert on the industry. The two resources listed in #10 of this article are good places to learn everything you need to know about links even though they don’t target the Adult Turnkey Business.

What Is A 21st Century Education

Education 21st CenturyIntroduction

The concept of a 21st century education might be an abstract and imaginative idea even today. Even when the wonders of technology and high finance continues to be an untapped resource where one can take advantage, the perception of most people still rely on the thinking process of the last century. As they say, people who are enjoying the trend are the ones who end up being ordinary. Thus the concept of 21st century education tries to change the olden perspective.

Education in the 21st Century

One can ask why wealth-building is a 21st century perspective. In other words, why is there a date to it?

The lingo denotes a lot of things. First, the 21st century represents a trend and a future. This kind of education persists at a time where wealth creation through the latest technology exploits, and finance with ever increasing capital mobility is possible. Thus, this idea will continue to be relevant and critical for people willing to find the best economic standing today. Second, 21st century education denotes a time removed from previous centuries. Therefore, there is a historical hinge to the meaning of 21st century education. The 19th century is a drive toward modernity where one can be successful by a good education and hard work. The 20th century talks about a highly urban lifestyle and the increasing relevance of college education and white collar jobs. The 21st century talks about a different perspective in which anyone who sees the trend can identify with.

Finally, the aim of 21st century education is to ask people why we think the same way for two centuries. It hopes to promote a new way of looking at a healthy financial lifestyle using today’s practices.

Challenging How We Learn

The key to 21st century education is to leave classic education behind or to modify it to be at par with the ever changing times. Unfortunately, the shift of university education to develop people with the skills of today’s demanding job cycles is not catching up. The new education does not only question how we learn but also why we need to study what we study. Does the current educational system adaptive enough to make a student successful ten to twenty years down the line? Are we teaching students about financial responsibility?

Changing Perspective

Knowing that there is a system to teach us how to be successful today is sadly not enough. Since there are no institutions that can put up a 21st century curriculum, we might be hard pressed to equip ourselves with this kind of education. However, if a few very successful people can apply it now, why can’t we?

21st century education talks about catching up with a changed perspective. It all starts with opening our minds and being flexible with all the ideas a 21st century education feeds. There are some ideas that we might not agree on, but then we can contribute to the trend all the same. Learning the ropes of today’s world starts with finding way to think creatively in a very creative world, and getting your ideas out in a world that breathes on global fad.

Wealth creation is a 21st century perspective. It teaches us that wealth creation is not exclusive for the rich. This time, the masses can be empowered to create a healthy financial lifestyle. By applying the principles of 21st century education, we can exploit the market lows, save us from debt, and ensure comfortable lifestyle years after retirement.

A Wise Investment

Acquiring a 21st century education is definitely not a get-rich quick scheme. Instead, it is an investment that should compound over time and give very rewarding returns. A changing mindset is the first step in being ahead of today’s financial curve along with taking the ideas as a serious educational form. Only with this realisation can we appreciate the importance of 21st century education.

Benefits Of Educational Software

Learning things in a traditional way could be a boring task for many students. The conventional way is to go to the school, learn new things from your teacher, bring homework, and go back to school again after. It’s a continuous 5-day or 6-day cycle for some. In this age of computers, the discovery of educational software broke the chain of this very long conventional learning cycle. Educational software made learning fun, interesting, and easy. And these aren’t for kids only.

Here are some advantages:

– Economical. What’s a $100 worth of software compared to a $1000 worth of school education. Not for anything, this studying method is really economical. Imagine, you will not be spending for transportation, food, and tuition fees anymore.
– You can control your time. You are the driver of your curriculum. You can control when you want to finish. You can delay or advance depending on your level of comprehension to a particular software.
– You can choose your lessons. If you want to focus on a particular lesson at a time, you can. It’s up to you how many lessons our courses you want to take at a time.
– Learn at the comforts of your home. Just like other plug and play gadgets, this software only requires a computer. If you have a laptop, you can spend your learning time in any part of the house.
– Online learning scheme. Tired of reading 100 page books? Educational software is the key. For the visual people who loves colors, shapes, and the likes, this will excite your sight. You don’t need to go through the sometimes boring pages of the book. All you have to do is click and click and click.
– Self help. This software empowers the user. Though sometimes a tutor is still needed to guide you in the initial stage (especially if the software is complicated), you can play with the software and it will allow you to have limitless trials. You can go back to a lesson over and over again until you’ve mastered it.
– Fun. Learning can be a fun activity. For kids, this educational software can be also an avenue of play. Maker of this software considered the fun part of learning. They know that more kids will be attracted to learn by inserting games.
– Interactive. There are software that will help you to interact with other online students. You don’t need to go to a school and see your classmates. With an attached computer camera, you can easily mingle with your online classmates.
– You can share. Once you’re done with a lesson, you can easily share the software. It’s as easy as lending a book. But now, it’s the whole course that you are sharing.

Education must not be ignored. Whether you’re in a classroom or inside the comforts of your home, finishing your education is as important as fueling your engine. The good thing is, we are now free to choose how. With the birth of this software, we can assure ourselves that we will not end up on the losing end.

Mental Health Continuing Education Social Work

When it comes to social workers, mental health continuing education is a must. For many professionals, it is required to remain licensed and employed. But even for those who are not required by law to maintain CEUs, it is a good idea to find accredited institutions that provide additional training beyond graduation. Social workers must remain up to date on the latest theories and research in the field in order to maintain effectiveness with their clients. Social work itself covers a broad spectrum. Some work in the public sector, helping those who are facing addictions and mental illness. Some work as advocates in the legal system. Whatever your primary goal is, however, furthering your study is never a hindrance.

Though it depends on where you work and in what respect you are employed, most social workers have at least a Bachelor’s degree in their chosen field (usually some form of soft science such as psychology or sociology). These days, especially with a tight, competitive job market, it is becoming more and more common to see a Masters degree as an entry-level requirement for employment. After achieving their degree, the aspiring social worker will likely have to take the Association of Social Work Boards exam in order to become licensed. Each state has different requirements as it pertains to what is a passing grade. A candidate may retake the exam as many times as needed to pass.

Anyone interested in mental health continuing education should avail themselves of the necessary requirements by their state and local governing boards. This can make a big difference when it comes to where you can further your training. Depending on where you live and how far you want to progress in your work, you can choose to simply meet ongoing standards for education or you can move on and obtain an advanced degree in your field of study. Some government and private institutions will put a lot of weight on advanced degrees and some will not. Few places will hold it against you, however. At the same time, this doesn’t necessarily make it the right choice. Going back to school can be expensive, so you have to weight the potential increase in earnings against the loans you may have to take out.

There has never been an easier time for a social worker to keep up to date with their mental health continuing education requirements. Online opportunities abound, along with those in the traditional channels.

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Technology and Education

Technology has completely changed the way mankind works. It has become an integral part of our lives and basic movements of man are now solely dependent upon technology. Technology has prepared mankind to work faster, smarter and allows the brain to concentrate on other exciting and challenging goals and milestones. The last decade is dedicated to the workmanship of technology and its impact on the human race. It has given us sleeker cell phones, internet mobility on personal computers that can now fit in purses and an extensive database of knowledge called the internet.

There is no avenue that technology has not touched. The complete workforce of mankind now works with technology. Thousands of industries and organizations around the world are now reaping the benefits of technology. And the education system is no exception to the rule. Technology has advanced and honed policies, streamlined academic activity and provided extensive reporting that was never possible before. Unique systems are now available in the market that immediately notify parents if their child or children arrive late at school and allow teachers to remotely send homework and grade papers online. Students across the world now search and prepare term papers all from simple browsing the internet at home or libraries. The basic principles of knowledge have not changed but the very edifice of obtaining and teaching has been revolutionalised by technology.

Other benefits of technology in the education arena are the administration functionality that technology provides. It allows colleges and universities to monitor thousands of students at one given go and allow hundreds of students to register classes that are suitable to the teachers and the students by the click of a mouse. Elementary and high schools can use sophisticated voice mails to update parents of the progress of the updates of their children. Technology has also been able to successfully deploy dedicated networks across intranets within college domains to share documents and reports.

The primal goal of these communications servers are designed to streamline information and messaging within the school systems administrative and teaching community. This type of system can also help facilitate communications between various designated groups, clubs, the entire student body, and parents. Through this, everyone can stay better informed of special events and check the system frequently for any updates or changes that may have occurred. All student games, activities and personal information of students can be stored and retrieved at any given time by school officials.

The other important benefit of technology in the education sector is the exponential increase in enrollment due to the availability of online courses. People do not have to be physically available to take part in an important meeting or class across the world. Simple bandwidth connectivity will do the job and allow thousands of people in one global sphere to easily communicate with people in dispersed areas.

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